Should I Induce Vomiting After My Dog Ingests a poison?
If you feel you dog has ingested something dangerous or poisonous, the 1st thing to do is to call your veterinarian or animal poison control centre.
Before you make the call, make sure you have to hand some information about the ingested substance, for instance, the packaging of the substance.
Attempting to induce vomiting before calling a professional could be dangerous as vomiting can have a severe consequence.
Most times, the animal health professional will most likely tell you to administer Hydrogen peroxide orally using a syringe. So it is a good idea to always have one in your first aid box. In some cases the health care professional will advise you to immediately follow up on this first aid with your veterinarian who will be able to access your dog very well and decide on the next step to take.
Accidents do happen. It is therefore important to keep your veterinarians telephone numbers handy and make sure all your house hold have access to these numbers. It is also advisable to keep the telephone numbers of 2 or 3 other veterinarians should your primary veterinarian be indisposed