For some time, I have being worried about the volume of faeces my dog Quincy produces. I thought the dog had a medical problem. I took the dog to my Vet and after series of examinations (which cost me a lot), my Vet advised me to change Quincy's diet. That was when I tried NutroPetPlan Dog Food. The change I noticed on Quincy within 2 weeks of using NutroPetPlan was tremendous. Since then I have being telling my friends about this dog food. This is surely a good buy.  For the first time, a dog food label in Nigeria is delivering what it promised. (..Tobi Olajuwon, Abuja on the 4th of Aug, 2009)

When I first saw the NutroPetPlan label, the first thing that struck me was the packaging. It was so colorful that I was almost tempted to have a taste of what is inside. The quality of the cellophane used in the packaging ensures that the quality of the product remains intact until the Best Before Date. The moment I opened the bag, the aroma that greeted me was as if the dog food just came out fresh from the oven. A good buy. (..Cynthia Daniel, Benin on the 10th of Aug, 2009)

My Boer Boel, Ghadafi can be fussy about her food but never leaves any of this ,have also noted she does not have as much trouble with wind or bowel movements, which we are very pleased. (..Mike Okoro, Zenith, Lagos on the 17th of Aug, 2009)

I found this food by accident and was amazed at the results. My black lab suffers from a skin condition and this food has helped tremendously as he doesn't itch half as much as he did before and his coat now shines. It also is easy to control his weight with this food as now he is 7 and slowing down a little I am conscious for him not to get fat!! I would recommend this food to anyone with a working breed as its the best food I have found!!. (..Segun Adigun, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 24th of Aug, 2009)

Our Working Rotweiller, Spooky, has been on Nutropetplan Puppy/junior food and now Nutropetplan Adult food. He is bouncing with health, with a beautifully shiny coat, healthy skin, good teeth. He never leaves any of his food, and there is no problem with fussy eating. We did try a cheaper brand for a short time, but needed to feed double the quantity for the same nutrition. We made a swift return to Nutropetplan, which does not contain the artifical additives and preservatives of the cheaper brands. We would recommend Nutropetplan to anyone.. (..Emmanuel Dimgba, Breeder, Enugu, on the 26th of Aug, 2009)

I have only just started feeding Nutropetplan but can see the difference already - Idiagbon, Our Boer Boel, is a real piggy and stuff tends to go straight through her but this comes out in good firm stools and she is much much less farty! Can you do a food for Husbands please? (..Mrs. Toyin Adeleye, Lagos, on the 30th of Aug. 2010)

"What a Difference" - (..Tricia Agbani, PortHarcourt, on the 1st of Sept. 20109)

I am from Great Britain and presently an expatriate in Nigeria. I recently received a labrador retriever as a gift for my 37th birthday. After this lovely dog was delivered to me from England I've introduced him to many dog food but he doesn't seem to like them. I came across Nutropetplan dog food by chance. I bought one of the 2.5kg puppy bag for trial. My dog so much loved it that I ordered for the bigger bags of the 10kg. Since then I have not looked back. The gloss of his hair is also very impressive. (..Michelle Branson, Abuja on the 3rd of Sept 2010)

I was told about Nutropetplan nearly 2 months ago and it has been great for my dog, unlike a lot of the top names you see advertised which upset your dogs stomach, Nutropetplan doesn't and I would recommend it to anyone with a dog, which I do. (..Adamu Mohammed, Kaduna on the 4th of Sept 2010)