About Us


Founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2004, PetsMart Ltd has grown to become a respected authority on animal nutrition and Nigeria’s leading Pet Resource centre.

We are dedicated to all aspects of pet needs/supplies and committed to pets, our environment and our customers which include veterinarians, pet owners, animal lovers, breeders, the business community etc

Pets Mart Ltd is the largest stockist of own label dog food and accessories for pets in Nigeria. All the products on our site are either manufactured by us, manufactured for us or distributed solely by us in Nigeria & Western Africa.

Nutropetplan Dog Food is a complete organic SUPER PREMIUM dog food suitable for young and growing dogs from weaning until adulthood. Whatever your dog’s lifestyle feeding him a balanced and nutritious diet will help him live a long, healthy and happy life. The NutroPetPlan range incorporates complete dry diets for pet and working dogs.

NutroStart (Starter Meal) our other pet food is manufactured with best ethical practice. The quality and wholesomeness are maintained with natural preservatives. We pay special attention from raw material procurement through the production process. Every bag receives special attention. As a reputable company, we ensure that our suppliers use preservatives that are compatible with our product labelling claims.

NutroPlan is the newest addition to our private label and this range consists of canned dog food. The unique feature about NutroPlan is that they are made from natural ingredients: No artificial flavouring, preservative and colors.  

Online pet shop

We are the first online pet shop in Nigeria. We have not only made it possible for people who do not have pet shops in their communities to reach us, we have also devised means to ensure prompt delivery.

We always reward our customers and we do our best to ensure that every visit to our website is rewarding.

You can buy direct from this site or by phone (listed below). We also have a wide range of Nationwide Resellers. Visit “dealer locator” on our home page for a stockist in your community


Online, Telephone or email orders are normally processed on the same day.  We also offer same day deliveries.


We started a programme of helping young pet lovers who cannot afford expensive veterinary procedures. We have helped young students by vaccinating their dog for them at no charge.

We will also like to receive information from orphanages and care homes who will love to have a puppy. To qualify for this offer, the orphanage/care home has to prove to us that they are dog lovers and that they are not acquiring the puppy for financial gains.

In the near future, we are looking at developing special projects for helping stray and homeless animals.

Our head office address is:

10 Anthony Road,
Anthony Village, Lagos
Tel: +234 – 1 – 774 8770, +234 803 3059 367
Email: info@petsmartng.com