NutroPlan: Puppy-Junior Meat Loaf (Chicken & Vegetable)

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Made with Fresh Chicken & Vegetable.

This price is for a carton of 400g x 24 cans

Puppy hood is a time of discovery and celebration, but it can also be a time of parenting challenges. To ensure that your puppy gets all the nutrition he needs during his formative years feed natural NutroPlan which is developed by leading nutritionists & veterinarians.
X    No artificial colourants, No Artificial preservatives, No artificial Flavourings
☼    Supports Healthy skin and Shiny Coat - Contains B vitamins, zinc and natural oils
►    Made with fresh meats - great protein sources for growth and muscle development
♣    Natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals your dog needs
♥    Steam cooked for great taste

  • All the chicken come from approved EU meat plants & is fit for human consumption.
  • Fortified with natural antioxidants to boost the immune system. Every can has a full set of trace elements, vitamins & minerals - vital for growth, health, reproduction & survival.
  • No Soya, wheat, GM ingredients or fillers which can upset dogs who may be intolerant to any of these ingredients
  • With vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.     Learn More >> 

100% complete and balanced Dog Food

This price is for a carton of 400g x 24 cans

Weight: 400 g