Vitamin 2000

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Vitamin 2000

A revolutionary vitamin supplement for all dogs. This totally natural product combines the very latest nutritional developments to ensure your dog develops and maintains peak condition. Vitamin 2000 provides essential nutrients in the correct combinations, vital for muscle structure, growth rate, skin and coat condition,stress, and faeces eating. Vitamin 2000 added daily to the dogs regular food can ensure that the dog is receiving the full daily nutrient requirement essential for health.

Vitamin 2000 Provides 27 essential vitamins and nutrients in the correct combinations,vital for:

Muscle Structure - Important amino acids associated with the repair and maintenance of body muscle and tissue are readily assimilated and produce superb suppleness and muscle structure iin active dogs.

Growth rate and bone strength - Beneficial trace elements and vitamins associated with growth rate and bone strength are utilised more readily by puppies and young, growing dogs, promoting a sound bone structure and healthy growth.

Skin and coat condition - Optimum levels of condition-enhancing micro nutrients are included for their ability to provide healthy skin and a superb glossy coat.

Faeces eating - This anti social habit is usually due to the absence of certain minerals from the diet, use of VITAMIN 2000 ensures that these minerals are available.


200g – N2750 
500g -  N4450


Weight: 200 g