NutroPetPlan Puppy/Junior Dog Food

SKU: 1101

NutroPetPlan Puppy/Junior Dog Food is a complete organic
SUPER PREMIUM dog food suitable for young and growing
dogs from weaning until adulthood.

After weaning your puppies with NutroStart (Starter Meal),
place them on NutroPetPlan Puppy/Junior until they are about
76weeks (about 1 year and 5 months) and then feed them on
NutroPetPlan Adult dog food for the rest of their life.

It also contain a blend of herbs which are reputed to nutritionally
maintain correct liver function, with a package of nutrients and
ingredients reported to be helpful in the maintenance of joint condition. Learn more>>

  • 2.5kg : N1950, 10.0kg: N6300
Weight: 2500 g