Natural Nutrition

We are committed to a wholistic approach to pet nutrition, highlighting wellness through a clean, natural, whole-foods diet free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, drugs, hormones and pesticides.
Food quality makes a lot of difference in your pet's health? Food is body fuel and life does not exist without it. The strength of your pet's immune system, its resistance to disease and its quality of life all depend on the food that it eats.
Research has revealed the truth about animal nutrition. The time has come for all animal owners to educate themselves and know exactly what they are buying, for themselves and their animals.
NutroPetPlan®and NutroStart® range offers all the natural nutrition you expect from a super premium dog food - with no artificial flavourings, or preservatives, you can be sure your dog is getting only natural goodness. Our recipes are made with fresh meat and fresh vegetables, providing your dog with all the essential nutrients he needs. They are easily digestible
Our sole commitment is to produce consistent, Super premium foods of uncompromising quality. To achieve this, we work closely with a trusted supplier from whom we specially select the most wholesome, flavorsome and nutritious ingredients. We pay a premium for the best ingredients available. The foods are then freshly manufactured. This is your guarantee of freshness and quality. All our foods are based on tried and tested formulations, and as such, are used by a wide variety of professional users and enthusiast alike, and have been fed to many generations of dogs.
Not all dog food manufacturers use natural ingredients in their dog food so you need to read labels at all times to make sure of what you are buying. Most manufacturers are out there to make a buck and are not at all concerned with your dog's health. For this reason, we tell you to do your homework. You need to know as much as you can about what you are feeding your dog.
Ethoxyquin is a fat preservative found in many commercial foods and fiercely rejected by those who refuse to feed chemicals to their animals. Some reports suggest that it is implicated in cases of nervousness, hypersensitivity and cancer,
Both BHA and BHT (artificial preservatives) have undergone the additive application and review process required by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, the same chemical properties which make BHA and BHT excellent preservatives may also be implicated in health effects like cancer/tumour. There is evidence that certain persons may have difficulty metabolizing BHA and BHT, resulting in health and behaviour changes.
Since Ethoxyquin was first added to dog foods, many breeders and pet owners have told stories of sterility and decreased fertility; deformed puppies; periodontal (teeth) disease; precancerous lesions of the liver, kidney and bladder; vaccine failure; and increased incidence of cataracts (eye). Ethoxyquin was originally approved by the FDA as a grain preservative intended for animals raised to be killed for food, and it was to be used no longer than 2 years. The safety of feeding it to dogs who live 10 to 12 years has never been proven, and the original studies run by the company who manufactured Ethoxyquin were seriously flawed.
Many pet food companies add low-quality protein products such as bone meal, by-products and corn gluten meal, knowing they can increase the percentage of crude protein on the label, without making a better food. Low quality proteins are not easily digestible, therefore not easily assimilated by the dog. You may have been paying for food that your dog can not utilize.
Your dog will eat anything that is placed before him. So you must give him only the best dog food. With so much competition, research is not high on a dog food manufacturer's list so that is why you must be so vigilant. Research takes time and money so you will pay for the better more nutritious foods. Take the time and do your own research to ensure that you have touched all of your nutritional bases.